Time to shift into second gear and get your vehicle in order!  Keeping your car organized is not rocket science.  Utilizing the storage compartments that come with your car, plus a little creativity & a few household items, you can turn your mobile junkyard into a roadshow masterpiece.  It’s as simple as “trash & stash!”

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Trash – Have a Place for your Garbage!

The simplest and easiest solution for a trash can in your car is a bag on a hook.  It doesn’t even have to be a fancy bag, just a plastic bag from your grocery store or a small paper bag.  Paired with a stick-on hook, you’re set!  If you want a more attractive bag for your vehicle, there are numerous online trash bag, vehicle trash bag, car trash bag, car little bag, car organizationsites that make trash bags specifically for your vehicle.  Some can be embroidered while others hang over the headrest!  With just a quick search, you can find the right size and design to suit your vehicle.

For a more inexpensive trash receptacle, grab a plastic cereal container; line it with atrash can, car trash can, car little bag, vehicle trash, car organization, car organizer plastic bag, and Va-voom!  A wonderful trash bin with a lid!  This idea is perfect for the backseat with kids.  You can even get your kids involved by having them decorate the cereal bin!  Though a cereal bin is a fantastic idea, you could use a small box, bucket, or can instead.  Just as long as there is a designated container for trash in your car, you will be taking the first step towards an organized vehicle!

Stash That Stuff!

Once you have your trash in place, now it’s time to stash your stuff!  If you’re stalled on your search for a car organizer, turn your key to the storage compartments that came with your car!  The center console is great for wipes or hand sanitizer. It’s also a great spot for a bottle of water in case of an emergency.  The glove box isn’t just for gloves anymore.  You can store your phone’s car charger, your owner’s manual, a notebook /pen, flashlight, and of course, gloves!   The side pocket of your door is the perfect spot for an umbrella or poncho.  Making use of the storage you already have is an ideal way to start the road trip to organization!

trunk storage, trunk organization, car organization, car organizer, car storageThough your car does provide numerous compartments, sometimes it just isn’t enough.  An everyday plastic bin with a lid will hold just about anything you need in your vehicle!  With so many sizes to choose from, the simple plastic bin is a great place to store everything from crayons to books, to DVD’s, to first aid kits!  Set it on the floorboard, on the backseat or in the trunk!  A plastic bin is ideal for emergency roadside equipment, too! car storage, car organizer, car organization, vehilce organization, car organizers

If you have car seats or a booster seat in your vehicle, use a fabric remote control holder placed underneath the car seat for holding books, DVD’s or other flat items.  Your child can reach down and grab items as she desires.  This is a great use of space in addition to keeping the seat clean underneath the car seat!

car organizer, car seat organizer, seat organizer, car organization, toy storage, toy organizerAnother great way to keep organized in the car is using a seat organizer.  These secure to your seat and come with numerous storage pockets.  You can place them facing the front or the rear.  Perfect for kids in the backseat as their items will be at eye level and well within reach.  Many can be customized or even embroidered!  Perfect to attract young children!shoe organizer, organizer, car organizer, car organization, organization for car, toy organizers

For a less expensive method of seat storage, take an over the door shoe organizer and attach to the seat.  These come with accessible pockets just like the seat organizers.  They can even be cut to fit your seat.  For kids in the backseat, place the shoe organizer in the middle of the backseat & face it forward.  This will give them easier access to their items.

visor storage, car organizer, car organization, vehicle organizer, car storage storage, organizersA great use of space for organizing in your car is on the visor.  Most visor organizers attach to the visor with Velcro. The visor organizer stays out of the way & allows access to a variety of items such as CD’s & DVD’s.  Some even come with a zippered pocket for holding important documents like insurance & registration.   Grab two while you’re out shopping to create double storage in your car. 

With these helpful and easy tips, your vehicle can become organized in minutes and STAY organized as you travel on the road. 

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Author: Shirley L. Moore, mom & expert organizer