recycle bin, toy organizer, kids toy boxes, wooden toy boxes, toy boxes for boys, toy organizers, toy boxes for girlsAs parents, we naturally want the best for our children. We purchase top of the line toys, comb through high quality clothes, and research safety standards for cribs, however, as time slips by, we also realize most of these items over time either are of no interest to our child, or, they simple get put into the garage sale pile to be resold. A kid’s toy box is no exception. Though a toy box is an exceptional way to teach organization to a child, even the finest of heirloom quality toy boxes can collect dust and find a permanent home in the attic. So what is a parent to do with an old toy box that no longer gets used for their kid’s toys? 

For plastic or wooden toy boxes, the sky is the limit on uses. One just has to sit back and use some creative imagination. The easiest idea for reusing burlap storage bin, unique storage bin, toy storage bin, recycled storage bin, rustic toy storage bina toy box would be to simply switch what is stored inside the toy box. Place your pet’s toys inside, use it as a dirty clothes hamper, or place it in the back of your car or trunk for jumper cables, tools, or groceries. Get your children involved to make a time capsule storing their favorite toys and mementos for them to look on in the years to come. Do not be afraid to take the toy box outside, either! It can be used for gardening equipment, pool toys, or lawn gear. To really get the green effect on reusing a kid’s toy box, turn it into a compost bin or recycle bin!toy organizer, toy organizers, toy box, kids toy boxes, toy boxes for boys, wooden toy boxes, popular little tikes toy box

An old toy box does not have to be just for storage.  Attach casters to the bottom of the toy box and decorate as the next Indy 500 go cart! Sew a canopy and attach it to the top of the toy box on wheels for a covered wagon. Place pillows or a cushion on the closed lid for an entryway bench. Does Fido need a place to sleep?  Place a blanket and pillow inside for a pet bed. You can even decorate the toy box like a coffin at Halloween!

chicken coop, reusable toy box, toy organizer, recycled toy boxPlastic toy boxes are so versatile; they can even be used to house baby chickens! It’s the perfect size with a few added ventilation holes, hardware cloth, and some handy work; you will be raising chickens in no time! A plastic toy box could also be made into an incubator for bird eggs. How about taking some of your plants and giving them a new home in your child’s toy box? Heading off to the big game? Pack that plastic toy box with ice and TOUCHDOWN! to an instant cooler!

For durable wooden toy boxes, think outside the “toy box” as you turn it kindling, fire kindling, recycled toy box, wooden toy box, toy storagevertical for DVD, CD, or book storage. If you add shelves inside, now you have a possible wine rack!  Turn it completely over for a kid sized table. And the most economical use for a wooden toy box…break apart for kindling at your next campfire!

A kid’s toy box creates memories that forever stay stored inside. Open the lid for a world of new memories to be made! 

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Author: Shirley L. Moore, mom, expert organizer