durable wooden toy box, toy organizer, decorative toy box for boys, toy boxThere are thousands of toy boxes and toy organizers on the market today for all your little one’s playthings.  Though many of these toy organizers offer functionality, creative colors, and kid friendly use, what makes the classic, wooden toy box stand tall above the rest? 

A wooden toy box is not only the most durable of toy organizer solutions; it is also the most versatile.  When the lid is in the closed position, it serves as a sitting bench for your child or her community of teddy bears.  A cushion can be placed on the lid as well to offer a more comfortable seat.  As your child grows and her toys are replaced with photo books, memorable costumes, and secret journals, her wooden toy box now serves as a home for everything needing that special place.    

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When an item is handcrafted from oak, pine, or cedar, there’s just no question on how long it will last compared to anything plastic or cloth.  A wooden toy box will last for generations and stand the test of your child’s kicks, nicks, and tricks!  Crayon markings from your little artist will take a backseat as they can be painted over.  Carvings from the little sculptor in your house run and hide as they are sanded out and refinished.  There never is an “oops!” when you choose a wooden toy box.

The simplicity of a wooden toy box is perfect for all children.  They have an uncomplicated, open and shut action.  There are no fit-in’s, folds, or zip-up’s.  Some wooden toy boxes even come with a lock and key for top secret storage!  And with a lid support hinge installed, there is no chance of the lid slamming down on little fingers.  If you’re lucky enough to find a wooden toy box on wheels, or have the handy skills to install them yourself, now your toy storage has become portable!

wooden toy box, toy boxes for boys, kids toy boxes, toy organizer, toy organizers, wild west toy boxLet’s talk décor.  Even the plainest natural wood finish is as pleasant as anything contemporary; however, having a wooden toy box allows the floodgates of creativity to tsunami into the deep end!  They are a blank canvas waiting to be wrapped in imagination! From checkerboard patterns, to engravings or carvings, to gluing on rhinestones and personalizing your child’s name, to matching colors to her room and even letting her paint it herself as she chooses, those six pieces of wood have endless possibilities!

Classically designed, strength from Mother Nature, and a plethora of beneficial uses, a wooden toy box is a top choice for any parent’s toy storage solution. 

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Author: Shirley L. Moore, mom, expert organizer