It’s almost time for reading, writing & arithmetic!

Make the most out of your back to school experience this year with a few products from Handmade at Amazon. Shop for unique backpacks, lunch bags, or even a desk for studying that have been brought to life by human hands. It’s easy to pop in to the big box stores and purchase a common backpack or computer desk. As inexpensive as these items may be, they will not stand the test of time. When a person truly builds something from scratch, not only is the outcome wonderful, but a piece of that person also comes with the purchase. You are getting more than just a handmade backpack. You are getting the heart, the ideas, the emotions, and the life from someone across the globe…all carried on your shoulders with pride!

Enjoy just a few of the fabulous products made exclusively by hand!

The Marlowe Lunch bag with Lunch Palette & Knife

What a fabulous reusable lunch bag! Constructed by hand using waxed canvas, the Marlowe Lunch Bag comes with a unique palette & knife created using reclaimed wood. The palette fits perfectly on the bottom of the bag, which helps keep your lunch bag sturdy throughout the day. A clever back pocket is perfect for leaving little love notes or even a sugar packet. Intelligently designed using upcycled materials!

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Sheep Backpack

Baaaa-ck to school you go with this adorable Sheep Themed backpack. Handmade using a waterproof material, the sheep is appropriately made of fleece. Open the inside to find 3 storage pockets. In addition to the closing flap, there is a drawstring cord to tighten the opening of the backpack. A wonderful gift for a sheep lover!

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Reclaimed Barn Wood Desk

Barn wood is a fabulous medium to create a plethora of items. Here, upcycled barn wood from Kentucky is used to make an industrial feel study desk. With black iron pipe legs, you’ll feel as if you are answering your emails in a factory, but without all the noise! History, stories, & memories are included in the purchase of this gorgeous handmade desk!

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Organic Cotton Insulated Lunch Bag with Snack Bags

Lunch never looked so good in this organic lunch bag set with two snack bags included. Say goodbye to wasteful plastic bags. Save time without washing plastic containers. This set includes three handmade food safe bags created using organic cotton & insulated with batting. There’s even a carry handle! Each bag is machine washable. Secure with Velcro. A simple design that is perfect for toddlers going back to school or adults heading to work. An economical and environmentally safe lunch bag that can be reused over and over.

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